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Every time someone says that 'making it harder to drive will need radical changes' show them this.

Creating current car dependency was only possible with a massive, decade-long and destructive effort to erase the city as we knew it.


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often, built on/over neighborhoods of non-white folk.
I dunno–the city as we knew it was gone for at least a century and a half already. Horses, hitching posts, hitching rails, watering troughs, dirt or cobblestone roads, all-wood residences lit with water gas, with cattle barns so close to town that one well-placed kick of a cow could burn a city the size of Chicago completely to the ground.
@Clara Listensprechen I don't think the point of the visualization is advocating for statis. I think it's about recognizing how dramatic we transformed the city for cars etc. when we talk about transforming it in less aggressive ways for more ecological and human friendly transportation etc.