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We're updated to the current -RC code.

!iSurf Support

Hey everyone,

We're now running the current -rc code. I immediately filed a couple of bugs about admin settings that were acting strange.

If you see any odd behaviour, please report it here or to the Friendica support forum.

Hi there,

It is like a week I am unable to reach your server, I got 500 nginx timeout... ?
to be more exact:
504 Gateway Time-out
@Adam Clark

The first thing I did before to post here is cleaning cache and cookies (Firefox and Chromium).

However nothing happens the same problem, I have this problem at home, at work with the Android application Dica, I am unable to connect here:

Am I the only one with this issue?
@Adam Clark

Thanks, today isurf is working properly for me!
Hi Adam,

Again thank you very much. It was like a week that I had issue with the connection but I can't tell why, then I found your post. Anyway luckily everything has been solved.

I changed my setup maybe I selected it just to try and completely forgot about then.