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I love this one best, too! :-) Thank you.
This performance has an amazing amount of spirit, yes.

(I'd picked it for my G+ sunset music playlist.)
I miss the comment plus button. It's an instant way to say hi to people who drop by!
Indeed. I use the thumbs up here on Friendica, even though I know you won't see it over on diaspora. :-(
I often used the +1 in G+ as an acknowledgement, thumbs up, or boost.
Exactly. Same here. It's an "ack" that I saw and read the post, without any opinion expressed other than "I support your having posted this." If I don't think it should have been posted, then no plus, but that's pretty rare.

Thumbs have a different feel. If you post a story about something terrible, a thumbs up is just weird. And a thumbs down might mean that I think you shouldn't have posted it. It's too open to misinterpretation.

The plus was great and if I have opinions, I can make a comment.

Anyway, that's how I use and interpret the plus.
Hello to commenters and emojis fans!
Hiya @Phil Landmeier! There's a thumbs up on Friendica for comments? Hmmm... how tempting.

Also, It may seem trivial, but I think it's also important to have a back and forth capability for the feeling that discussion took place.

I miss the 'plus' too. I realize many here don't like a certain other park, I offer this just as generic idea for all platforms - there is a "+" emoji (among others) as an option for the original post as well as for every comment. For those of us who've learned the value of the plus, other emojis can feel overly dramatic or tiring after a while but the plus was just right.
Yep. When I first joined Friendica, I assumed all the other platforms had the same thumbs up and thumbs down. I was shocked to learn there was no such mechanism at all -- no way for you to know that I gave a thumbs up. That struck me as a gross oversight, but it is what it is.

The thumbs are way better than nothing but I'd rather have a plus, for reasons I explained above.
In der Tat, liebe @Su Ann Lim , ich denke, hier können wir den Daumen genauso nutzen, wie das „+“ auf G+.
Man könnte hier, sogar noch die erweiterte Möglichkeit, den Daumen nach unten verwenden.
Ich vermisse das „+“ von G+ nicht!!!!! ;)

/me +1’s @Su Ann Lim 's last comment ➕ 😀