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Ortelius. Map the first.

Punctum delens in various places. And several vowels with markings that I do not recognize. And possibly some towns that are hyphenated.

I need to find Ælfwynn. Thought I had her email, but sadly....

Have a link? Latin abbreviations are my jam;-)

- on the Ortelius map I am dealing with -


I know thats a puntum delens after the P, and I am guessing this has to do with Saltzberg (but I could be wrong)

Almost certainly Episcopatus Saltsburgensis - so the Bishopric of Salzburg. Probably *should* be Episcopatus Salisburgensis.

Based on it being a map, of course. Hmm. Map 108?

I don't know what number. The upper left of the map has this:

Austriae Ducatus Chorographia, Wolfgango Lazio Auctore - map of the Duchy of Austria by Wolfgang Lazio, right? (Or something like that ...)

Possibly. The map is listed as one from Ortelius, but the name on the map being different? I suspect that's because the original map was done by Wolfgang and then included in the Atlas by Ortelius.

The German is kicking my butt right now. Figuring out what letters are missing - ugh!

All the stuff you've posted so far is Latin, rather than German ... German I can't really help with ...

I thank you for the Latin help. I am puzzling out the German - slowly.

I may still need Latin help as I go through these maps.

And the area being the Bishopric of Saltzburg, yes, That works. Thank you.

Well, I don't know where you've found that map, but I found it at:

Or, use:

Anyway, I'm seeing:
I suppect the line on the E is a scribal abbreviation for "followed by an N". It's definitely the Bishopric fo Satzberg.

Anything else on the map you're trying to figure out? My Latin is very rusty, but I'll do what I can. :-)

"Punctum delens" is a dot over a letter to either show lenition (Gaelic only) or to mark scribal errors ("hey, ignore that..."). So I don't think that is the term you want.

So, your example of "EPISCOP. SALTSBVRGESIS" just uses a normal period to show that there is an abbreviation there (as Alexandre said, it's short for "Episcopatus"). It's just like the period in "St." ("Saint").

Also, Woflgang Lazius (1514-65) was a "Hungarian historian and cartographer, whose work was published in Vienna. His early maps of Central Europe were used by Mercator and Ortelius, among others, in the preparation of their atlases." - Morland C, Bannister D, Antique Maps, London: Phaidon Press Ltd;1998.

(Yes, I have a book all about cartography. It comes in handy sometimes.)

So this map was done by someone else and used by Ortelius. Gotcha.

I still want to document as many of the town names as possible. And figuring out whats missing from the name because of a mark or a swoosh with the name - that's kicking me.

There are a couple of names that are just S. (other name). I suspect its short for Saint - or whatever Saint is in German. Sankt?

I think we had one of those S. -- names in OSCAR recently. I think it was short for <i>Schloss/Schloß</i>.

See [Richard von Teck, Jan. 2019, A-Artemisia].