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I'm not sure if I feel better or worse when I remember how many mice around the office still have balls.

One of the reasons I use a Bluetooth mouse at work is because no one else can use it with the equipment. Also part of why I use my own laptop 😂.

Do you have a non-optical mouse for your main machines? I have them for my retro gear obviously...

There's at least one in the "Cave" where we have several work benches and a couple racks clustered together like cubicle, and another one or two attached to various machines and pushed aside as spares in the lab. The guy nearest me at work uses one or two for his primary workstations much like I use Bluetooth ones for my laptops.

On the flip side last time we cleaned up, all the three button (no wheeled) mice got tossed, there was like a box full.

I have always preferred trackballs but they are sometimes hard to find. The first trackball I used back in the mid 80's had a ball 2 or more inches in diameter and had a fair bit of momentum. You could flick it with your thumb and it would take the cursor all the way up the page. The device was a Mergenthaler Linotype badged page layout terminal.