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It's confirmed that anosmia (sudden loss of sense of smell) is a common symptom and possible indicator of Covid-19 infection.

The quizzes have been updated:
Not because of a stuffed nose? It's a respiratory disease.
Stuffy or runny nose is rare with this virus. You probably have a cold. ;-)

Respiratory in this case means pulmonary, lungs, which it screws up bigtime, doing physical damage to the lungs.
What about a long-existing loss of all sense of fashion?
I have that, but I don't know what I'm sick from.
Yeah, I know the quizzes look like a Gopher search from 1994. I'm trying to start a trend -- a return to web sites that just do what they're supposed to do. No colorful distractions, no dancing clowns, no video, no music, no dynamic content that makes the page reformat every few seconds, and so on. ;-)