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You will laugh, but when I worked in the Deli at Walmart, many of the workers there would not wash the cooking utensils in hot water (which is against federal and state regulations). When I complained to management, over a period of months, they did nothing.

The workers there (my co-workers) said the hot water was “painful”, and so used lukewarm (when they simply could have put on another layer of gloves).
Salmonella is infinitely more unpleasant that hot water on your hands. The rules are for the safety of customers as well as staff.

One of the butchers at the grocery store where my sister worked who was very careful got a nick in his finger from a knife that hadn’t been washed yet. He was sick for over a year.

My sister got it after preparing the lunch one Christmas Day. He had been cutting chicken and absentmindedly reached over and grabbed a piece of broccoli and threw it in her mouth, forgetting that her hand was covered in chicken juice.
I have seen workers on several occasions handle food and cash without removing their gloves or re-gloving.
Ugh. Disgusting. We hate handling cash at the restaurant because it creates such a disruption and waste of time. Who the hell are these people with lots of cash, anyway? A couple weeks ago I was behind am older couple at Walmart with two carts piled high with stuff. They paid with cash, painstakingly counting out 20 dollar bills to pay a 550 dollar purchase. WTF? Where did that come from? Ever heard of credit cards? Debit cards?

Sorry. It really annoyed me.
When I was living in New York, I saw someone drop part of a sandwich they had just made onto the filthy floor. He looked around and was about to plate it when he saw me looking at him... He sheepishly threw it away and made another. But if I hadn’t been looking he’d have served it up. I turned and left without ordering. I called the health department.