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The right decries Lenin as bloody and a monster because it's estimated in his 5 years in power they killed roughly 28k people a year by some estimates. What they ignore completely is that this is not done in a vacuum and the 17 years prior, Czar Nicholas II killed around 52k a year in his 17-year reign including pogroms against Jews encouraged by the crown. While the Russian civil war killed some 7-12M people, it did help end WWI which killed around 9-15M. Just some context folks. War is hell and by today's standard in vacuum Lenin was a horrible man, but by compared with what came before him, he was a down right nice guy, and was hoping to get tot point where they could abolish the death penalty. STALIN on the other hand was a monster who only beat in terms of mass murder by Nicholas' grandfather who massacred Jews and Tartars by the millions. His legacy is what killed the USSR in the long term. It never became what Lenin had hoped though they did reach a certain level of prosperity which many old Russians remember fondly under Brezhnev.