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Hello fellow citizens. This is what the guy currently controlling the GOP and their 2024 front runner was saying behind the scenes up to 1/6. It was worse than we thought, wasn't normal, and we were that close to losing our democracy.…

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While details matter, to me it's just orders of magnitude.

Like - "this shows we were two micrometers closer to the first dictator of the United States than we thought we were."

Oh, like being less than a millimeter from dictatorship isn't close enough for the country and principals we love?
@Richard Healy For sure even the observables we had throughout the last 2 years, starting with the Ukraine BS was scary enough. The fact that a supposed institutionalist like Pence was going along with it right up until the very end when *Dan Quayle* talked him off the ledge shows it was even worse and even closer to succeeding. I still stand by my assessment that there is a better than 50/50 probability we will not be a functioning democracy by the end of this decade.
That's a reasonable assessment imo. I suspect there's going to be another big war first.