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!Progressive Refuge

With large companies it is difficult to determine whether their profits support the alt-right but fortunately we do have activists tracking and scraping data on campaign donations that help build boycott lists. No privately offered product or service is so important to me that I will sell my soul to the alt-right to get it. But how do we avoid it unwittingly? This is a tough question.

Here is the approach I take: I tend to support companies who actively support the LGBTQ community. Why? Because if they support the LGBTQ community they likely support human rights overall.

Evidence of this can be found in the Equality Index maintained by the Human Rights Campaign. It can be used to quickly look up a company's equality index to see how they treat their employees.

Another way is... show more

The TV show called "The Good Place" is broaching this topic, but not in a way that would raise the consciousness of the viewers into their choices. It more absolves choices by the "life is too complicated" excuse.

The Good Guide app appears to attempt to have users make conscious choices but I have some skepticism after it was forced to issue an apology for defaming a product using a methodology different from the FDA. Further inspection shows their primary monetization effort is Purview for businesses. So, no matter what approach one takes it needs to be vetted. I do like the buycott effort because it helps one rule out negatives in a way that makes choices less complicated.

Do you know if these people have the data available as an API, or a downloadable file?

Which people?

Good Guide. I'm working on a project where I'll be bringing professional grade investment calculations to people at very affordable prices. I'm trying to do due diligence on behalf of my future customers to find the investments right for them. Being able to filter on this basis would be a great thing.