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Profile Not Found Message (on same or different nodes) - new topic

The problem happens when connecting on this node with a different node, or on the same node:
1. Different nodes: I sent a connection request to someone on the nerdica node. I am on a different node. It said the request went through. Then I clicked on the notifications box to get notifications from the contact, and it said "Profile Not Found." Why? Can I only get notifications if the person decides to accept my connection request?

2. Same Node: Also, when I click on one of my contacts' profiles (on this same node), Allen Middleton, it says "Profile Not Found. This resource may be added in the future" (or something to that effect. He gets the same thing if he clicks on the icon for my profile in his Contacts list or on his profile. He had originally set his account up with 2 profiles & I tried to accept the contact request on both - maybe that is what caused the problem. In any case, there seems to be a problem with being able to click on profiles & see profiles, even with people who have accepted connection request and with whom I have "mutual friendship" marked... show more

Shelenn profile link works. When I try that urls format with Taras5 replacing Shelenn, I see a pink, blank page,

The person I tried connecting to on nerdica accepted my connection request this morning. I was able to see that person's profile. BUT, when I clicked on the notifications box so that I would get notifications of all his posts, a message appeared in the upper right hand corner saying the profile does not exist. The profile was right there on my screen! And I looked at the notifications box again and my check mark had vanished! I tried checking it off again, so that I could get all the notifications - the same thing happened again!

On this particular issue, I am able to see it on some contacts myself. Will be reporting it.

Hi @Tara Tisinger ... OK, on problem 1 with the remote user, can you tell me the user's account name please? If you don't want to post it publicly, please connect with me and then drop me a private message.

With problem 2, what is the other "Allen Middleton" account you're (sort of) connect with? I see the active one is

When I have that information I'll see if there's any matching issues in the application logs.


1. The remote user, JP Sousa Paula, is also on friendica, but on the nerdica node:
I see his profile, but am unable to click on the Notifications box with the check mark to get his notifications. It also happened with Phillip Landemeir, whom I connected with this morning - the same thing. I clicked on the box, but it says Account not Found or Profile Not Found.

2. Allen Middleton deleted his 2nd account. I am connected to the
Mutual Friendship
I do not see his profile, only the "Profile Not Found. This resource may be available in the future" message.

That is what happens when I click on the icon for the account, which is the one that still exists. The deleted 2nd account is completely gone.

If you are looking at app logs, the date all this happened was Dec. 28, 2018. I tried to make the connection with both of Allen Middleton's profiles, and got a message on the duplicate one (now deleted by him)" You have already introduced yourself here." This message appeared for a few seconds in the upper right hand corner.

I also got the confirmation e-mail on Dec. 28 that the connection was successful with the active profile:
"[Friendica:Notify] Connection accepted (

iSurf Social <>
Fri, Dec 28, 2018, 11:45 PM
to me

'Allen Middleton' has accepted your connection request at iSurf Social
Allen Middleton
You are now mutual friends and may exchange status updates, photos, and email without restriction.
Please visit iSurf Social if you wish to make any changes to this relationship.
Thank you
iSurf Social Administrator"

But I am not able to click on the contact icon & see the profile and he wrote that he sees a pink screen when he clicks on my contact icon.

When I click on the Contact Icon, it says "Page Not Found. This resource may be available in the future."

Can you post the actual URL that you were clicking on?

All my contacts look like the same format as the URL for Shelenn's when I click on her icon on my profile. Her URL is in this format - all look similar except Rinus Bakker's, because he is on, so his is different:

So just the one for bonespur (Allen) has the weird format?

OK, I would suggest un-connecting and then connecting again. It sounds like something went wrong while getting that initial contact going.

I'm waiting for Allen's response to my connection request, so hopefully we'd both see valid connections to him.

Do let me know!

Ok, but what about the problem of there being a 5 day wait after deleting a contact? And how would I disconnect?

There isn't a wait for removing a contact. There's a wait when you try and delete your own account, but not to remove a contact from your list.

In your contact list you should have options when you mouse over a contact to send a private message, poke, and further to the right, remove the contact.

Connection between Allen and I has been setup without issue (though he wound up sending me an invitation after I sent him one.). He's in my contact list, the linking to his profile is working and no 404's.

I would definitely suggest removing him, wait 15 minutes (just in the off chance the worker process needs to kick in to clean anything up from the strange connection you have), and then try re-adding him.

I've seen that before with someone on another node that is now no longer active.

If I could get both you and @Tara Tisinger to remove each other from your contacts I'll see what's still stuck in the database.

You mean Richard Curren. Yes, I remember when it was happening.

I thought that was a little different though. Allen Middleton & I are both on the node - the same node.

Ok, it is done. I went to my Contacts list on the upper right hand menu, clicked "Drop Contact," and a message appeared "Contact has been removed."

Hi @Tara Tisinger and @Allen Middleton

There seems to be no obvious connection between you two remaining in the database. Could you please try re-connecting again and let me know what happens?

You'll see I've been going back & forth with one of the developers here in this thread:

Thank you, Adam! I sent him a re-connection request & will let you know!

Also, Adams profile still shows up in notifications, when I approve, pop up says contact not found.

Maybe you could find an unused desktop computer at work ? It sounds like you might have clicked on the wrong button when trying to approve Adam's friend request also. Your old request to me showed up as an "Ignored request," meaning it was interpreted as ignoring it. I just now sent a new connection request.

@Adam Clark
And if I click on the Contact button in his icon on my profile, it happens again - the same thing.

@Adam Clark
Maybe since my request was interpreted as an "Ignored Request" the first time, that was what messed it up? Should Allen & I disconnect again and re-connect again?
@Allen Middleton

Hi @Tara Tisinger

No, I don't think disconnecting & re-connecting again is going to resolve it, now that you've both gone through that.

I'm really curious about the directory listing bit - if you go to the local directory, do you see any other users where the link to their profile isn't of the format (the /redir/XXXX number format is what I believe they should all be)? If you could look at any random page in the directory and see if any are have a longer/different link format to them (however many you have time to mouse over to check? Maybe 20-25 or so?), that would be great.

You've definitely hit a bug, and I'll still be digging and seeing what the devs say about it.

I am watching this issue with interest. I am not sure if I understand the redir format you mention so I went to my contacts page then clicked local directory and clicked someone I don't know and am not connected to. This is what I got:
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Yes, but I think there was the Ignored Request in between both times. An ignored request the 1st time because he accidentally created 2 profiles & I tried to connect with both. An ignored request this time also because of hitting the wrong button.

In the Directory, I clicked on Alma Evelyn Scott's icon. She is not a contact. Here is the URL that came up:

I clicked on Shelenn's profile in the Directory - she is a contact. Here is the URL that comes up:

OK, I'm not referring to clicking on a profile - I'm talking about the link to the profile - what's the link when you mouse over it? (that's where you should see the /redir link). I presume when you look at the link to Allen's profile it will have the weird dfrn_poll link showing).

My answer is below - his link is the same as the others in format when mousing over:
SK DuBose
Allen Middleton

Icarus (a contact):

So, the ones who are contacts are in that format, but the ones who are not contacts, are in a different format.

An interesting thing just happened for me. I searched local directory for taras5 which found her profile just fine. For her I see /redir/31581 on mouseover. I searched local directory for bonespur and found nothing. Yet looking at the local directory I see him as /redir/48820. I know he has some other oddities as well but haven't really done any further testing as I know you all are troubleshooting.
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Thanks muchly for checking on that, appreciated. I'll send the info on.

@Adam Clark
My Ignored Request is still listed on the Contacts Button. I have a red 1 and there is an Ignored Request.

It is on the Introductions button on the Contacts Tab.

Maybe I should have deleted the Ignored Request before attempting to re-connect with him?

Sometimes I have to go to the notifications via the menus to the right of my profile pic (upper right of screen on browser) then delete notifications there.

Hey @Tara Tisinger and @Allen Middleton - I switched the site over to the new release candidate code a couple of days ago. Are either of you able to check up and see how the contact between each other is going, and whether it needs fixing still?

The same thing happens. If I click on his name in the Directory, or if I click on his icon on my profile, I get the message: "Page not found
The requested resource could not be found but may be available in the future." @Allen Middleton @Adam Clark

This is interesting as I see one other admin who has run in to a similar issue. I wonder if removing & adding again will make any difference. (I will also go to the other support thread and put in my 'metoo')

I will try removing and adding - I will let him know. I will tell you what happens.

Adam, we have disconnected & reconnected, and guess what! I can now see his profile when I click on his Directory icon, and also when I click on his icon in my profile! So, it worked this time! Thank you for all your help!
@Adam Clark @Allen Middleton

Wow, I'm really glad to hear that one has resolved itself! Thanks for letting me know!

@Adam Clark well that might explain why my event calendar is all white. This was something someone else reported with the latest rc... can we get that fixed?

Hmm, I hadn't noticed that the calendar was hooped. I've followed up on the bug hopefully the data provided helps pinpoint the problem.

great job! what was the fix?

Rolling back one of the composer components a version.

Thanks for pointing it out, by the way!