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Few people know the Deep State had an IPO in 2013. It was very hush-hush. Trouble is, they lost control, and now Soros owns 8%, Rothschild owns 14%, and the Illuminati own a whopping 71%. The Truth Is Out There.
Snort! ....yeah.... WAY out there.
Where are you getting this information? That said, I didn't think this was possible. Though I guess a malevolent multi-national organization is still a "business". Kind of like the military industrial complex; which, of course, is a conglomerate of huge corporations.
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ "A very reliable source," corroborated by "Someone told me the other day."

Asking questions like "How do you know?" What are you? Some kind of socialist commie Democrat, or something?
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ it was the 71%, wasn’t it? I *knew* that number was too big, but anything smaller just lacked punchline. Ah, well. :)
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@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ you know I love you and appreciate your keen intellect, and dry sense of humor, right? Just wanted to say it to make sure you did know :)
@Icarus Anne Riley Thanks!

I can't wait until I see my first dividend check from my investment in Deep State. Thanks to an (ahem!) well-connected friend, I got in on the ground floor. That check should be arriving any day now.
@Icarus Anne Riley - Wait! I have a dry sense of humor?! I need to work on that! 😄 It might have worked better had you said Putin owned 71%. 😂

How do you like your Deep State? Fried? Baked? or Grilled?

Hmm . . . are we married? How long do you have to know someone online before it's considered a common law marriage? 😁
@DavïÐ Låzårµ§ i think it's 7, divided by the number of platforms you share, and WoW counts double (triple if you share a guild)
M'eh, Putin owns 71% of TrumpMcConnell, so that wouldn't have been funny, because too on the nose. Subtlety is the key :)
@Icarus Anne Riley - Good point.

Sadly, this is my main platform these days.