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Switching my site to WriteFreely

I have been using WordPress ever since I decided to have a personal website/blog. It has served me well but I've come to a point where I got tired of messing with plugin conflicts, and spammers. I also like Markdown a lot and the available plugins for WordPress were either broken or had conflicts with other plugins. So I decided to try something simpler. At first I had my mind on static generators but then I came across WriteFreely, a minimalistic, distributed and customizable blogging software. It supports Markdown and HTML and that's all I need right now. On the minus side, it does not support media uploads but we will show a workaround to that, on this guide.

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Does it support RSS feeds?

Most of the visually disabled people use RSS to follow their favorite sites without the distraction of the site itself.

I use RSS a lot myself just to be able to follow all posts on twenty something blogs. RSS also enables me to keep track of which article I’ve read and which not.
Very interesting! When you host your own, does it still federate?
Does your blog have a handle I can follow from here?
I was curious to what was your media upload solution, only to find out we have reached the same conclusion and let nginx serve it. I didn't like it at the start, but with some scripts to easily upload a file it's not a chore at all. Great tutorial!