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The world will be a better place when MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell:
A) is forcibly committed to a mental health institution to treat his delusions, psychosis, and mistaken belief that he is important in any way;
B) has an epiphany, realizes he has been behaving like an attention-seeking, delusional wanker, comes back to the real world, stops all this nonsense, and admits the 2020 elections - across the board - were the most secure and accurate in the last 100 years, that Biden is the lawful President, and Trump's cult members need to stop believing Trump's chronic and compulsive stream of lies;
C) he dies;
D) all of the above.
Choice C would be fine by me.

I couldn't stand this asshole with his little silver cross from the first moment I saw him on his first "My Pillow" bullshit commercial a decade or so ago. He was so obviously a shyster, huckster, snake-oil salesman.

Interesting reading here ->
Delusions of self importance. Why does that plague so many?
So many, especially the wealthy. The world would be better of we went back to hospitalizing those whose delusions were a public health hazard, instead of worshipping them and giving them a platform to share their illness.
Narcissistic Sociopathy... it's not just something you see in abnormal psychology books these days.


The "go get 'em", "grab that brass ring", "run for the money" mentality that #Greed Capitalism has pushed for a 150+ years or so in this country creates a breeding ground for this type of mental disorder.
And as a side-effect of #Greed Capitalism and the struggle to succeed, our society also breeds more and more violent psychopaths.

I'm doubtful we'll ever manage to get 'em all back on the farm where things were mellow, calm, etc., and everyone did their little jobs for the day and went to bed when the sun set.
@V. T. Eric Layton - I don't think that, in practice, there is a form of Capitalism that doesn't promote greed. The Nordic countries swear up and down that they are not Socialist countries, but Socialism can be both pro and anti market. Besides, name one instance where a socioeconomic model was done strictly by the book.
As I've said for years in discussions like this, there is NO PERFECT ISM. We need to take the good things from all the isms and make a new ism that will work for all of us.

And when I say "all of us", I mean the entire world. Why is everyone so afraid of a one-world government? If it's done correctly, it would possibly be the ONLY way our species will survive into the future.

We cannot continue with nationalistic, racist, cultural and religious tendencies that broaden the chasms between us. That path leads to extinction of this species, in my opinion.
@V. T. Eric Layton right? What this planet needs is a good alien invasion. Humans always pull together against "them outsiders."
Is that an alien recipe book?
Rumor has it... yes.
@V. T. Eric Layton - I agree. And, personally, I don't fear a world government. At the very least, we must have cooperation among numerous nations to successfully implement Socialism. That is why the Nordic nations have to be pro-market because you have to be able to pool resources without it being a for-profit venture.
@Icarus Anne Riley - Rumor has it, that's the plan. A fake alien invasion. However, that's not really what we need because we do not need to fear ETs. Had they wanted to wipe us out, they could have done so long ago and without risking any of their own.
The fake alien invasion was already done on a 1960s episode of Outer Limits -> The Architects of Fear. It didn't work.
tired: cannibalism
wired: to serve man
capitalism: serve yourself
capitalism: serve yourself
So, capitalism is a buffet? ;)
As long as they explode upon eating the after-dinner mint, I'm happy. :^D
More like a trough for some...