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I had to setup dual boot with Windows and am not impressed.

Well I have had to setup dual-boot on my new desktop. I can't get acceptable graphics performance for the two Windows only CAD packages I run under VMWare. Did a number of tweaks and fine tuning but it is still unusable for anything work related. VMWare really needs to work on their graphics driver and do a better job at instruction translations, or even better make use of direct draw which the host drivers support.

I added a second 512GB NVMe SSD as a dedicated drive and installed Windows 10 Pro. This was to ensure that Windows didn't break my Linux boot and to help isolate the two OSes.

I have to say I am unimpressed with Windows 10 install process and even more with initially setting it up and using it. Their install is probably fine if you simply want to run a scripted process with no deviations. However if you want to adjust things like partitioning or controlling when/how updates are done you have to jump through hoops. They also make it more complicated than necessary for dual boot, but that is another fight and not unexpected.

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