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Pluspora cross post test @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ)

Method: Upper right Diaspora pull down menu, select link to source, then copy url to clipboard. Return to Friendica, post using paperclip icon/button.

Hmm. I will try this out and report back. Thank you.

Hmm. When I click the image above, I'm taken to the post on Pluspora. There, I have no controls whatsoever. In the upper right, it invites me to create an account on Pluspora, etc. Of course, I can grab the URL from the browser.

Back on Friendica, I see no paperclip icon anywhere. Last night, I tried using the link icon and it didn't work. Today, I tried it again and it did work. So I guess that's how I can do it. Grab the URL from the browser, then post on Friendica using the link method.

On mine, each post and comment shows the network it came from -- Friendica, Diaspora, Pluspora, Mastodon -- but it's just light gray text. Nothing clickable.

However, this seems to be solved for now. Yay.

Might be your theme. In default Frio (before customizing) the pull down menu of each post in the upper right (where it shows which network type it came from) has plenty of contrast for clarity. The first menu option (like on your own posts or comments) is Link to Source.
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Hmm. It would seem the same functions must be on this theme also, perhaps under different names. There is an icon here that says "view on separate page" that might be the same as Link to Source. I'm still studying it. Lol. Thanks for bearing with all my stumbling around. I rather like this theme, and it seems that it ought to be fully functional or it shouldn't be here.