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Pinebook Pro Lap goes on pre-order for $199 with new twist: privacy switches

Pine64 has opened $199 pre-orders on its open-spec, 14-inch Pinebook Pro laptop, which runs Linux on a Rockchip RK3399 and features 3x privacy switches. The Rock64 Rev 3, PineTab tablet, PinePhone should follow shortly. As promised in a July 5 blog announcement, Pine64 has opened pre-orders for $199 on its 14-inch Pinebook Pro laptop, the […]
I am guessing the ARM CPUs don't have all the issues that are plaguing intel chips and would also guess these laptops don't have secure boot or the Intel management engine (or what ever it is called) which is cited as a privacy risk.
On a related note pine phone. Also looks pretty good, at last a phone I may actually consider if I had the money, no links to old fashioned social media such as facebook or other crappy spyware with any luck. :D