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Is there anyone even vaguely connected to Donald Trump that's not a criminal?

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The real welfare queen.
I heard a podcast saying that when Ronald Reagan spoke of welfare queens, it was all based on the exploits of one particular woman who had committed an amazing amount of fraud. Reagan extrapolated that woman's crimes to the entire population, assisted by racist stereotypes that he helped create.
Well, there was a lot more "welfare fraud" in Reagan's day that there is today. It was a business in some families to have as many kids as possible to collect the most money. That really went on. There were people collecting under several different names, etc. Back then it wasn't that hard to have multiple IDs. Since then, things have been tightened way up with much tighter ID systems in place and Department of Homeland Security involved at every step. You don't get anything unless they know exactly who you are and it's all tracked nationwide.
I should add that this case has nothing to do with welfare, but simple theft of someone's social security income. She's also guilty of numerous crimes of fraud and interference in government business.
Yeah, I was already aware of that story and Reagan. I'm saying that the case cited is extreme, but there were thousands of cases at that time of welfare fraud. It was out of control. You could interview girls in middle school in poor neighborhoods and learn that their career goal was to have lots of babies and collect welfare. Things are a tightened down now -- actually too tight in many cases. As always, the pendulum overshoots when it swings.
As for the original post, my first thought was that any relative managing finances could be suspect - elder abuse is not unusual. But the story painted a much more callous situation.
Yeah, a nasty bitch she is. She'll have fun in prison.
I would say that culture was created by redlining and forcing people into ghettos, where they didn't have access to other forms of employment. I was reading somewhere that there was a period when there was more integration, but then the tide turned and people were pushed into more concentrated neighborhoods.