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Another Weird Issues with Debian Sid

Another weird issue with # Sid, misconfiguration and kernel panic a gogo; two hours to fix the issues downgrading to testing through chroot...

I gave up with Unstable, for everyday use Testing is way more reliable, and I am not enough expert to handle with these stuff...

This is not a Debian fault it is just me though, but it is great you can fix with a Debian live cd!

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Maybe Unstable goes beyond mere labeling. ;-(
I've been using Sid for twenty years now. Maybe it's not the software that's causing your problems.
It was the software, it was a dependencies issues between libc6 and libc6-dev causing kernel panic... However it was my fault anyway... I understand the way SID works I just disagree about the fact that with a minimum coordination you can avoid these situation like Arch...
What about Devuan ?
I used Devuan for almost a year even as testing, but it is too limited and too slow for my tastes.
I had problems with Devuan Unstable (which they do not release). Beowulf is now in beta and seems good. I'm using it.
It's precisely that which keeps me with Stable. I know I'm missing out on a bunch of newness, but I'll catch up with the next stable release either way. In the meantime, there's no mucking about trying to fix whatever bizarre occurrences an apt upgrade may have unwittingly caused.
Nothing like a kernel panic to encourage a more conservative approach. I know.
Yep, testing is perfect for me! The only thing that pisses me off is the freezing time frame...
I have a Debian installation with the repositories of Bullseye/Sid and usually it works just fine...

But I have a usb wifi adapter:

The internal wifi card of my laptop its a Broadcom and with that one I use to have a lot of problems with Sid.
My only complain with Debian testing on all the machines I had is the bluetooth, it is so unreliable, it stops to work properly at every updates... 🤷‍♂️
That is Broadcom's fault.
I'm big on things working reliably - but that's because I spent years working in industry, in IT, where you do not take risks. There, in industry, the old chestnut "if it's not broken, do not fix it", is rule #1

Myself, I play around quite a lot, but not on my "production" system.
So. You found out, that Unstable is less stable than Testing.

My take: you are a f***ing genius! May I have a tattoo with your avatar?
Are you dumb or a dumb bot? Get out of here...