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Hi all,

I've updated to the latest Friendica release candidate. If you notice any new issues, please let me know so we can verify & get bugs reported and squashed prior to the stable release.


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Hmm. I came here because I have noticed a change since 3 days ago.

No matter what I do, whether it's a thumbs up, or a comment, the server takes one to two minutes to respond. So, when I submit this comment, I'll get no response except the busy indicator for about two minutes. Then the comment will appear. If I try to do anything else during that time, the comment or other action will be lost and I have to do it over again.

Running Firefox on Linux here. No problems with any other web sites. Flushed all cache and cookies. VPN is off. Connection speed 40 Mbps. Location West Virginia, USA. However, when I run the VPN it does the same thing no matter where in the world I "am".
After submitting the comment above, I timed it. From hitting submit, I got a busy indicator for 42 seconds, then the edit window disappeared. Then 34 seconds later, the comment appeared.
Hi there @Phil Landmeier (ᚠ)

I've noticed the issue at times as well, and am investigating. Seems like something in the new Friendica release candidate is either stressing MariaDB or ... something else unknown at this point. It's manifesting pretty strangely, but I hope to find out more over the next couple of days.

When I notice it, I'm restarting services which brings performance back to normal, but I haven't yet seen what's triggering this issue.
Cool. Good luck finding the problem. It must only affect certain users or it would be a big topic for discussion. That seems odd. Maybe it only affects more active users who make more comments than most. I follow a lot of people who are way more active than I am, but none of them are on Friendica.
I could well be wrong, but I don't yet see evidence that it's affecting individual users or paths in to the site. When it's happening, I can see it manifesting on plain curl requests to the site as well as from my browser.
Interesting. It's working fine now, but for the past two or three days, it was always slow. Since nobody else was complaining I was looking for problems at my end. On the other hand, nearly all my contacts are on other platforms.
It almost sounds like the problem comes and goes (though it appears to stick around for hours when it does show up), if it's hit you so bad for several days.

Here's hoping it's something stupid like bumping up against a max. connection item and just not recovering well from that. I've adjusted a couple of settings, and am looking in to monitoring some further specifics to try and catch the issue earlier.
I wish I could give some suggestions but I haven't the faintest idea how Friendica works. This afternoon it was behaving pretty well. Tonight, around midnight EDT, it's coming and going. At times it's quick. At times, it lags. One time, a comment I made resulted in the busy signal for a while, then that went away but the comment never appeared. After a couple minutes, I hit the link to the post itself and there was my comment.

Unfortunately, all I can do is make vague guesses, which I'm sure you've already made. Haha.
The above comment appeared instantly, like lightning. Bam! Maybe the fastest response from Friendica I've ever seen.

Maybe it has to do with traffic levels somewhere. I'm guessing that this post here is not getting much traffic, like zero. Other posts I'm on are probably being interacted with by 20 people at any one moment.

I dunno.
I have seen the inconsistent behaviour myself at times, but that goes back beyond this release candidate.

I am lowering the amount of work the back-end is allowed to do at any given time to try and reduce these intermittent laggy bits.
Sorry for my absence. Had to spend two days, long hours, at the restaurant, which we are finally reopening after a long shutdown.

Friendica seems to be running very nicely with some 3 or 4 second delays here and there. Sep 13 02:50 EDT.
Good to hear!
It's doing it again. Sept 15 03:10 EDT
I think there were some issues going on with the VPS host - I'm awaiting an answer from them why the VPS was restarted at 2am pacific... it's entirely likely migrated some nodes away from a problematic node, or had some other issue.
Interesting. I've been away all day and just got back on now at 2:15 AM EDT. I replied to a post a minute ago and the reply never appeared, although it was actually there. I had to refresh and it appeared. We'll see how this reply goes. 3, 2, 1 fire!
Bang. My reply to you appeared instantly.

I find it interesting that my likes and replies to your posts are very responsive, while others are not. I wonder if that is a clue.
That item in particular is not related to performance issues, I don't believe - it occurs for me as well and I think is mostly theme related. Could be worthwhile to have a look at the Friendica issues list and see if it's mentioned.
Thanks for the tip.