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!iSurf Support Hey sorry to bother again but I think outgoing federation is having problems. It's been like this for at least a week, maybe longer. Checking my account from the D* pod my posts are 5 days behind. On the they look like they are 3 days behind. Not sure if the workers are backlogged or if there is a bigger problem with Friendica's federation code but just giving you a heads up.

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Yup, it looks like something is constipating the system - have noticed things not getting through, post times are way behind, etc. Have started to post on the main Friendica support about issues, and have adjusted the backend worker threads to try and help get it caught up.
And your posts here are two weeks old, but just processed now. yikes. Sorry this hasn't been more obvious to me along the way. Working on it!
Ah, so it's not just me. I've been noticing a lot of crazy behavior over the past several days, and lots of -- if memory serves -- 502 Bad Gateway nginix something, something, and Friendica is simply dead.
I've seen some of that as well. I think there's been some issues in the performance of the current code, which I moved the instance on to the development code due to the issues that were backlogging the worker queue to the point of posts not showing up for days and days.

I think some other things need resolution here.
Yes. I lost several comments that way, too. A small brown window appears in the upper right saying, "information not stored" or something like that.
It looks like we've got a few issues going on presently - thanks for mentioning it, and we'll see about getting things fixed up.
I've updated to the latest code - it appears email notifications are rolling out again, and at least at the moment the overall DB performance is better.

Please do keep me posted if you keep seeing issues.
Seems much improved. I just replied to your DM. Sorry for the delay.
Not at all! I'm sorry we all had the inconvenience, but I'm glad it's back in seemingly decent order. Appreciate the patience!
I appreciate your unsung efforts to keep it running.