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Ok, I did find the button on the upper right hand side for making a new post, but when I did that, a message popped up saying the account was not there (or something to that effect) and it went away from this screen. Then I clicked on the iSurf Support icon and came back to this page, and found out it DID post the new topic test. But why did I get the strange message in between telling me the account does not exist?

My comment above, that I just now typed in, also did not show up at first. I had to go back to my profile, click on the iSurf Support icon, and then return to this page to see my comment. Why are these strange things happening? Why does my comment not show up right away? Actually, it disappeared again when I was typing this one!

The only theme I have set up in the settings is to use pink as the background color and green as the link color. I do not see any theme labeled Frio. I see the comments posted and my new topic that I posted above (called "New Topic: Page Not Found Message - on Same or Different Nodes"). However, the same thing happened when I first posted the new topic. I hit the SHARE button to post the new topic, the message about the account not being there popped up in the upper right hand corner, but when I went back to my profile & clicked on the icon for the iSurf Support Forum & returned to the Forum, the new post WAS posted. So, it DID work, but I got that strange message about an account not being there. I went back to the Help section also, and read the section on posting to forums, and it seems that I am doing it correctly. There is just the strange message that pops up about an account not being there.

The message appears right after I hit the submit button for my comment, and knocks me out of the forum. I return to forum by clicking on my profile, clicking on the isurf support forum icon, and returning to the forum - and then I see that the comment is posted. It just seems strange that it knocks me out of the forum and I have to then return to the forum before I can see that the comment is posted.