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Stonehenge & Other Ancient Rocks. Article by Michael Price

@Shelenn Ayres @Adam Clark @Allen Middleton
It worked this time! I clicked on the paperclip icon (the 2nd paperclip, to the right) BEFORE pasting in the URL to the article. Maybe that is why!

I don't have a paper clip! 🤔

it's to the right of the link icon using the web browser
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Guess I'm a bit tech challenged. Don't understand this site yet and I just figured out how to comment on posts

Welcome @dances with squirrels ! Don't hesitate to use the user drop-down menu beside your name up top right and read through the Help - it should provide a good starting point for most functions!

Hopefully my tips will help you. They are on my G+ profile pinned at the top or can be found on my "wall" here in Friendica.

Thanks Shelenn. I seem to have figured out pluspora easier. I saw your g+ post on tips and I will check it out

Still haven't figured out how to friend/follow

i sent you a connect request with instruction on how to do that ;)

If I am not mistaken, France is where the cave with all the animals drawings were discovered.