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So, identifying the snake: that's Charles.

Such a joker.

Where are you? Eastern US?

Could be a black rat snake.

lol Charles... in NoVA... appears to be a racer... measuring over 5 ft which is beyond the average. If it survives some time it will surpass the 70.7 inch record. It is illegal to kill any non-venomous snake in Virginia (1K fine and 6 mths in jail)

Yeah, Racer's the other, though they usually have a clear white underbelly.

The real tell is the head, and you don't have a good enough shot. Racer's is narrow, rat has a wide jaw.

See the G+ post for three images

@Shelenn Ayres I did, and zoomed in as tight as possible on a desktop Retina display. Head-shot is a side-profile rather than top-down, which would be better for identification.

Unfortunately we were not willing to get that close for a top down shot of the head lol

We do have a video but it is large on the android phone. Gotta figure out how to get it uploaded somewhere.

Yeah, I hear you. Just saying what I can do with the information available.


We need more temporary storage.

~1-4 PB, 8 Gbps, 2-4 week residence. Got any friends?

I wish I did. My AWS is already maxed out with notice before month's end of allotment exceeded.

@Karl Auerbach See above.

Got any generous friends?