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MIT and NASA engineers demonstrate a new kind of airplane wing
A team of
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Great! Strides in better-performing aircraft are always welcome! ...too bad this will be turned into a weapon soon :(

@Foryouwhynot IB the bulk of technology progress is unfortunately funded by DoD, DARPA, ONR, AFRL, ARL, etc. Now if DoD were true to its name for defense, I have no issue with that. But, the GOP has primarily pushed it into an offense agency which I do not agree with. DoD does in fact also provide humanitarian aid and creates a lot of civilian jobs associated with engineering and logistics that have nothing to do with its current offense nature. So there are pros and cons. Elect Democrats and we can return DoD to its defense nature.

On the NASA side of the house, when it was formed, its purpose was to do R&D for industry and transfer the taxpayer funded technology to the private sector. We have many civilian related things we can thank NASA for: dehydrated foods, improvement in weather, earthquake and volcanic activity predictions, medical advances in life sciences including life saving open heart surgeries, improved rescue techniques and equipment, etc. One of the largest... show more