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#Venezuela #Canada #OhCanada @CanPoliSadly, I agree & we seem to be leading the #LimaGroup lead by the worst Foreign Minister,
(my opinion) my country has had in recent memory! via @YouTube

it's really awful to see canadian govt. followin' all US politics concerned to vzla. Maybe this new "trudeau" wants to become another puppet of the policy of the world that trump&nyethaniahu lead. Let's just think that his father used to join regularly with commander fidel castro, olaf palme and yasser arafat...

@BLIXA_A_BEEL Indeed! Trudeau Sr., wouldn't be too pleased at the way we treat Venezuela methinks. He, was also one of the main sponsors of the North|South Dialogue, IIRC.

Trudeau been brainwashed by the ignorant fool in the white house. shame. shame on Canada for not thinking independently. Unlike Chretian, where he prevented Canada to be dragged into an illegal unilateral usa initiated war against Iraq. Come on Trudeau, have some balls to stand your ground and oppose usa hatred for world peace.

@Dr. Sam PhD I wonder if it's our foreign minister Freeland driving the agenda?! She's comes from well-known “Hawk” lineage! And I'm being extremely polite with that phrasing .... Perhaps she's the real PM because of juniors Faux Pau's (visit to India and China). Not serious about that last suggestion — but one never knows.

Puppets of US gangsters....Kman

The mining industry and the banking cabal has a great deal of influence regarding Canada's choice to gang up on Venezuela...Kman

Freeland also backs the Nazi take over of the Ukraine...Kman

@Kman Yup, you're entirely correct about the Canadian mining industry and Freeland. Her linage is from Ukraine too, as her Grandfather was a Nazi officer!