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New cleanup settings underway

!iSurf Support

Hey everyone,

This will likely affect no-one, but I thought it prudent to note that I'll be making some system and user cleanup adjustments.

The new settings will be like so:

If you don't login to iSurf Social for a year, your post expiry settings will get set to 90 days.

If you don't login to iSurf Social for 1.5 years, the auto-deletion routine will kick in (this routine notifies users via E-Mail when it starts - users have 7 days to prevent it from happening).

Users that register but never confirm their email address will be nuked after 30 days.

Up until recently, things have been pretty infinite - I initially set the system up with some sane values but they all got wiped during a configuration migration, setting things fairly infinite. So, this has contributed to weird database & storage growth and while we've started to make some minor adjustments, and they've worked out well, it's time to start putting the othe... show more

And I should mention that I'll be making the changes over several days, so as to see what the adjustments look like after they've been completed.
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