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The pleasure of using Mozilla Thunderbird again

Hi guys,

I am in the process to move everything from my old gmeil account to my brand new account.

Mailbox has a very nice webui however it lacks of some features respect gmeil and it is not fast as the gugl service. It doesn't mean that is not good, but it can't still compete with gmeil at the same level. Thus while with gmeil I stopped to use any desktop client as I used to do, because mostly useless, with Mailbox I started to use Mozilla Thunderbird again.

I have completely forgot about the pleasure of use an email client, In first place it has been very useful to move all the emails I needed from gmeil to mailbox seamlessly, pretty cool indeed; but then I started to use all the cool features that Thunderbird has.

For example Mailbox still not support labels while Thunderbird can use tags, so I was able to organize all my emails very quickly in I way I like. Another aspect is checking the email with Thunderbird is faster than with the Mailbox webmail, and now at home I am using just Thunderbird, while at work, since the moment I don't need... show more
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I can honestly say that my business relies on Thunderbird. It is the most important way to communicate with my clients, it's feature rich, it helps to get my four mail accounts organized and I love the calender. What's also good news is that development is very good at the moment.

@Eric Buijs

Do you know if it is possible syncing Thunderbird with other instances like Firefox does with sync?

Do you mean the calender of Thunderbird?

Sorry I was been unclear... I was talking about sync your profile through several computers. Now I fiund out that you may use Dropobx to sync your profile however what is it going to happen the few times that you don't have internet available for whatever reason... 🤔

I'm doing all my mail from one PC, so I don't have this problem. Perhaps that the TBsync or Thundersync add-on can make life easier for you.

Let me check thouse out! Thanks for the insight!