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Testing commenting from multi-column stream...

See your post and comment.

I'm going through a lot of different pages, finding different containers that need modification to multi-column. Unfortunately, single post view uses the same sort of content wrapper, which I do NOT want to make narrow with multi-column.

So I'm trying to find all of the other content wrappers which I do want to modify into multi-column. Ugh ... so many different places to search for this stuff.

Unfortunately, I'm finding vertical scrolling to have some sort of buggy interaction with my multi-column code. It's weird. When scrolling down, it can get "stuck" where it won't let you scroll up. There's some sort of javascript or something extremely wanting to scroll you back down instantly. The "UP" arrow seems to get it unstuck.

I think it has something to do with javascript related to the left sidebar. It's trying to do something fancy with the left sidebar and it seems to get confused for some reason.

I want to do some simple changes to the Frio theme navigation bar but will have to wait until I launch a Friendica node.

It's probably something you can do client side with a userstyle or possibly a userscript (if it's extremely complex).

But since you say "simple changes", it's likely a userstyle will work fine. I'd suggest using Stylus plugin. That's assuming you're using something other than iOS mobile device. Apple refuses to let any browser engine other than Safari run on them (and Safari is locked down to bar any plugin supporting userstyles or userscripts).

The changes I want to make to the navigation bar are (based on guidelines): icon changes (change network icon to something more appropriate, change community icon to something more appropriate, change notification icon to a bell), move logo to far left, move notification icon to far right, add button in the middle for a pull down menu integration with other sites. My thought is to change it in the theme CSS so that user tutorial documents can be made and provide a consistent user experience. If it is client side won't that be confusing for new users?

New users would only see the standard interface, so they wouldn't be confused.

However, I was assuming you're making these changes for your own personal use. A userstyle would only affect you (and whoever else optionally installs Stylus and your userstyle).

True but yes this is not just for my personal use since I intend to open a public server with its own tutorials. So the screenshots would need to show consistently with what all users see unless they apply the client side tools which is fine.

What is the Frio theme? Can you choose different look and feel for your friendica interface? Does it depend on whether you’re on a desktop or iOS device?

If you haven't changed your theme in settings, you are using the Frio theme. The way to check is click the downward triangle just to the right of your picture to open a menu then select settings then select display. Then you will see options for theme and theme customization.

I think I've identified most of the places for multi-column view, but I'm having difficulty finding any Category anyone is using. My own test posts with a "myart" Category have a green button, but nothing happens when I click on it (clicking on a blue hashtag button or a yellow person button works).

I expect the green category buttons should be going to a "category" viewing page, which I need to get to in order to see what container it uses (and for testing, obviously).

Interestingly, this reminds me about something funny in Hubzilla. If you click on a category, you go to a page which does a user specific search for that category. However, you can simply modify the URL to search for hashtag instead of category ... and it works! Hubzilla actually has the ability to do person specific searches for hashtags just fine. It simply lacks a GUI method of clicking something to get to the relevant URL.

Yes the category tag in a post is not clickable (i know this will be a requested feature that was recently discussed as desirable). You can find some categories I created for testing on my profile page (find the box on the left sidebar with the category list for clickable ones).

Thanks! I got it. And it seems that the same search format that works on Hubzilla also works on Friendica.

The crazy thing is ... as with Hubzilla, both category and hashtag user specific searches are supported by the backend.

I also created a documentation folder yesterday. I don't know if that is only visible to me though.

Okay, this is what I've got so far:

/* Alter left/right column balance by changing 15%/85% widths */

/* Alter number of columns by changing 33% 33% 33% to desired */

#top > main > div.container { width:98%; }

#top > main > div.container > div > aside { width:15%; }
#content { float:right; width:85%; }

#content >,
#content >,
#content >,
#content > section.sectiontop.profile-content-wrapper {
display: grid;
grid-template-columns: 33% 33% 33%;
grid-row-gap: 0px;
grid-column-gap: 20px;