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Personally, I don’t think Gaetz was ever seriously under investigation. This whole thing smells like a fabricated controversy - a PR stunt by Gaetz, so he can claim victimhood, in preparation for his jump to Newsmax.
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Reads like Gaetz's name came up when someone he knew turned out to be a shithole
Yep, I agree, his friend from Florida is caught, Gaetz's case is very light, seems mostly a stunt to put his name in the news!
@Christian Nalletamby I've read up a bit more on Gaetz, and the more I read, the more and more this smells like yet-another asshole playing con man to yank the chains of the Trump/Newsmax Cultist worshippers.
Agreed, @Icarus Anne Riley
A cheap promotional tour for him, and NewsMax, and maybe distancing himself from his friend Joel Greenberg, I wonder what will happen with that guy!
I think Gaetz wants to be Donald Trump
More and more it's clear Gaetz is inventing (or exaggerating) a controversy to get attention.

It's really starting to smell like the FBI was "investigating" him as a routine aspect of some asshole he knew. Routine case open, nothing there, routine case close.

This shit stinks like Gaetz knows he didn't break the law, and the FBI won't pin anything on him, but gee, the mere investigation makes such a juicy opportunity to look picked on, then claim holy high ground when the FBI drops a case they would have dropped anyway.

Well, that's how it *would* have gone, but the asshole is now drawing so much attention to himself, everybody is digging thru his garbage, and he's such an asshole, it's pretty much guaranteed some skeleton will fall out of his closet.

Plus, he poked the FBI hornet nest, and made a routine investigation into a personal attack on the FBI. That never sits well.

Fucking moron brought this shit onto himself, and I think that's lovely.
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