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Minor bug in web interface...I think

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I think I've found a little bug in the Friendica web interface. I'm not sure where to report it.

Running Firefox on Linux here. It appears that the thumbs up/down indicators are not updating properly. Here's what happens.

If I click thumbs up, the display goes gray for a moment, then the thumbs up turns blue, as it should. If I click the thumbs up again, which should toggle it off, the display grays for a moment but the icon remains blue. You can click again and again and it remains blue. You can click thumbs down and the same thing happens. You can have both thumbs up and down showing blue.

A bit of experimentation manually refreshing the display shows that the click detection and server behavior is correct. The second click actually does toggle it off at the server. It's just the browser display code that's not updating the color.
I did the toggle thing with the like and dislike buttons using Chrome. The dislike goes blue then back to grey as expected. (Frio default theme). I did the same with the like button and eventually got it to go back to grey.

Chrome on Win10... YMMV
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Interesting. The default theme for me was "Vier" and I've stayed with it. Maybe it only happens on Firefox. Also, oddly, I can't thumb your comment above up or down. No response. Lmao. My mileage is varying.
Sounds odd since I am able to like your comment. So I suggest some process of elimination. Select the Frio theme and retest. If not different, test with another browser. Haven't you been able to like comments before? Could it be a FF update issue?
Yeah, it worked fine before, and now I'm able to thumb comments again, but still can't unthumb them. I don't know about unthumbing in the past. Today's the first time I hit thumbs up by accident and tried to undo it.

I'll switch themes and see what happens.
I tried the Frio theme. Does the same thing. I can thumb up or down but can't unthumb, as far as the browser is concerned. If I refresh the page everything settles where it's supposed to be.

I'm attaching a photo to demonstrate the weird state of both thumbs up and down at once.

@Adam Clark have you seen any reports from others having this issue?
Next, I'll disappear for a bit while I blow away my cache, etc. Maybe there's a trashed copy of the Friendica pages in my cache. brb.
I'm back. I flushed the cache and cookies. Now I have a slightly different behavior. I still can't unthumb a thumbs up but I can now hit thumbs down and it clears the thumbs up and switches to thumbs down, and vice-versa.
Basically, no. The only extension I'm running is Stylus and it only activates when the domain is
Hahaha. All likes and dislikes in this thread should be ignored because everyone is probably experimenting.
Also, the problem is deeper than just the browser. The bug involves the server too.

There are two discussion threads about this. In the other thread, one of the commenters also got his browser to display both thumbs up and down at the same time, which should be impossible. The thing is that once he did that, I had the same indication on my browser. It showed him as both liking and disliking the comment. For that to happen, the server must be in an invalid state.
I first posted in my stream. Then Shelenn suggest I post here in the community, so two threads resulted. The other is here: