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Hmm. My gut senses that anti-Trump momentum is very gradually increasing in Congress, in the GOP, on Wall Street, and in the population. I wonder if this eventually leads to a critical-mass, chain-reaction kind of moment, and everything goes actively against him, all at once.

What will drive some in the GOP away from Trump is not morals, ethics, or patriotism - the fear of losing their upcoming elections is what motivates them no matter what they say publicly. The people must stand united behind Pelosi's strategy to build an ironclad case no matter where the facts lead regarding election interference, corruption, complicity, and obstruction of justice. The people must help get the facts out to drum public support for change to reject the longstanding and recent policies of the GOP; spread the facts about the Mueller Report; stop fighting among Democrats and listen to all of the candidates so the platform of 2020 can be built from all of them; and work to build support for an impeachment inquiry once a case is made. Democrats can walk and chew gum at the same time. Let the committees do their jobs to investigate and to legislate. Let the candidates build positive campaigns and stop allowing the GOP and Russian influencers incite the infighting.

Indeed. And Trump along with his cronies can be prosecuted after he leaves office.