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Karma would be losing her house over $18K of fraud (not including fines)

Sentenced to 10 months in federal prison at 57 years age as a white woman is not going to be pleasant LOL

I wonder if anyone will sit and eat with her in the mess hall.

Getting out and getting job will also be unpleasant. Hopefully, the black women in prison will step up and make her time there even more unpleasant, although the white supreemists will likely protect her.

I'll bet there will be white women there who won't be kind to her either -- a government official, who then rips off taxpayer money earmarked to help people hurt in disasters. The optics are not good even if you ignore the racism.

She will be in 5% population by age, 7% by gender, and unknown by race since they don't show stats for race and gender. However, 42% of federal inmates are non-white and 20% are non-US citizens. I suspect the news of her white supremacy will be well known and suspect the majority of the prison population supremacists are male.

$18,000? How very small-minded, petty, and frankly stupid, of this woman. Hardly worth the risk. Then again, to have been a state official and refer to FLOTUS as an "ape in heels" already shows how small-minded, churlish and dull-witted she was.