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So disappointed with the status quo here in Canada. An in awe with the popular vote. Why do so many Canadians think we're in a 2 party system? Fuuuuuuuuck...

If it's a one turn first-past-the-post system, then it's a two-party system, it's as simple as that.

It doesn't have to be that way, though... I find it difficult to understand that people who lie and have no platform still get either a popular vote or elected.

Because, as I painfully realized earlier in my life, many people enjoy being lied to, even if they know it may not be true, and that running against something or someone can be as or more effective as running for something.

"Luckily" we have more parties here in #Germany and so you have more choices.

It isn't about the absolute number of parties. There are more parties in both Canada and the USA, but for all intents and purposes, only the two largest count because of first-past-the-post elections. Proportional elections and two-turns elections to a lesser extent allow for more "viable" parties.

Okay, I mean the same. :-) Here are not just #SPD and #CDU/#CSU but also #DieLinke and #Gruene and #FDP. Not that most of them are any better than the 2 famous, but they are there in the #bundestag .

We definitely have better parties here. The petro-state is sure doing a great job of keeping everyone dumb here.