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What nodes/instances are shown in the "global community"?

!iSurf Support
Hello. is there a list of what nodes/instances are included in the "global community" when I access it here on iSurf? I notice that I see posts from the Diaspora server I have an account with, though I haven't seen posts from there reflected here.

I guess I'm just wondering how the interaction with outside Diaspora networks works within iSurf.
The global community feed is supposed to show all public posts that wind up here on the system. If the posts don't wind up here (is someone here following the account at, or, is connected to the relay we're connected to?) then it's simply due to those reasons.

There are accounts that are hidden from showing up in the public global feed that just aren't appropriate for all ages, but they may not be banned/filtered accounts, just hidden in that feed.

So, there's no 'list', no... the 'list' changes dynamically with the fediverse.
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That's a pretty good question, actually, and off the top of my head I can't think of the way to do so, if one exists.

If you were to spend most of your time on a D* account and then try to amplify things with Friendica, you'd probably just wind up with broken noise as I don't think D* would know what to do with any communication that came back through your Friendica account, again if that were a possibility.

If you used a Friendica account as your main account, you don't need to import/export to D* or Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, etc., since it can communicate directly with all of them natively.

However, you may want to ask on the general @Friendica Support to see if there's any direction from the rest of the admins or devs that could help.