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I agree with that, and there is no reason developing nations should have to live without the same luxuries we in the west have because we screwed up the planet with greenhouse gasses.
Renewable energy is cheaper mostly due to subsidies and co2 emissions rights market. You thoroughly understanding the energy needs, specially in countries where the goods are produced.
Its actually the opposite. Carbon based fuels have stayed artificially low thanks to all the subsidies they had. In a free market alternatives would have dropped below carbon based ones 5 years prior, but carbon subsidies are locked in and don't change while alternative fuels have to beg for their's every year.
Well, are suggesting that fracking gas is not profitable? Amazing! 😀

More serious: I have really never seen papers about subsidies. Could you tell me something about how USA subsidies his oils companies? I am especially interested in biggest one: Shell, BP, Exoon etc ( I know, I know, some of them are not American)
Fracking passed coal but was also subsidized, all of our energies as heavily subsidized here, its why the US has petrol prices half that of Europeans and Canadians even before the fracking boom that caused us to become a net exporter.
So basically it is an USA problem? Why don't you do anything about?
I am amazed because you know: free market economy should not rely on subsidies. Every time I've heard about things like that opponents name it socialism. What are the reasons? You want to help people working in this industry?
Sigh, that's the big problem. The US used to be the biggest exporter of oil. Then we started having shortages in the 70's/ The military viewed it as a strategic resource and invested heavily into it. This created tons of jobs and lobbying so it became political suicide to cut subsidies. At the same time oil companies began covering up the fact that they knew climate change was coming because of so much money they would lose if they were forced to leave those fossil fuels in the ground. They created climate denialism networks and politically polarized our politics around it. When We talked about cutting their subsidies they would freak out about jobs and national security and then attack subsidies for renewables as socialism. There are people in the US who firmly don't believe that we subsidize fossil fuels here. Its a misinformation campaign here a kin to smoking and lead that our corporation's PR campaigns have been brilliant at. So that's why we aren't doing anything and Trump wants to bring back coal.
You know with wind energy, what is wing utilisation process? It's one of the most green one, in Germany. Practically zero waste, no remains.
They just export it to ( I don't know) Indonesia, where they dig it into a hole. Check
We have some pretty good wind and solar farms, and Biden is hoping to boost their productivity and use renewables to get our electricity to carbon neutral by 2035 but that will only happen if he can get the senate too.
Don't you read what I have written? 😀 Check what is disposal of wings ....
I'm not really sure what you meant there, I don't know what disposal of wings is.
If you have wind propelled generator, it has wings. Plates moving around. Probably there is other name of it.

Check how it's disposed after it reaches end of exploration time.
Oh the blades. I'll look into it, I assumed it was a big hunk of metal so they melted it down for scrap metal.
Metal? No. It is mostly empty inside, composite. Plastic, glass fibers etc
Interesting. Learned something new today.
So basically you know nothing about technology? I supposed it is a quite common knowledge.
I mean if you want to be a dick about then sure, I was a nuclear electrician in the US navy and am currently a microbiologist so yeah I know a thing or two about technology, and no, here in the states that's not really common knowledge. Technology is a ridiculously wide ranging field, pretty sure you are stupid about technologies that I'm not and vice versa. That's called division of knowledge similar to the division of labor.There is way more either of us are ignorant about than we actually know. Sometimes stuff we never thought to question. I mean it makes total sense now that I think about it that it wouldn't be made out of metal, but I never stopped to think about it as it had literally no impact on my life or research at the time. I could tell you how the generator creates electricity and know some thing about the smart grid that makes it more efficient but never thought about the blade materials.
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Well, I don't want to offend you, but if you saw any of such wind turbines, it's completely clear blades cannot be built of metals. They're to big. It cannot be started, because of weight, and cannot stopped, for the same reasons when running. I am surprised someone may think that.
Sorry, it was not my intention to offend you. We are just talking about renewable energy sources so I have assumed you know that
I'm sure there were things you were surprised you didn't know even though in retrospect it seemed obvious. I've seen oversized truck carrying the blades, they look metal. I've also seen the wind farms as I've driven by them, it looks metal, but when you think about it obviously its not and couldn't be.
You have rather strong opinions about things which are not obvious for you how they works. It's nothing wrong with it, everybody work like that. It is called opinion.
You are the type of person that dismisses someone's entire opinion and treats them as stupid if they have one grammar error aren't you. My opinions are based on the data and beliefs of the experts so I don't HAVE to know the material science involved in how the actual machine functions to have an opinion on it. I don't have any opinions of my own that aren't held by the current experts in the scientific field. I also assumed you know American carbon was heavily subsidized that's well known in America, I didn't dismiss you and say you didn't know much. You claimed you didn't mean offense. I'm really pretty sure that is a lie now and you are just being a dick.
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I have never called you stupid. I will never do. But think: you have strong opinions without knowing much. Don't it worrying you should learn dobry about this matter before strong statements?
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So what experts saying about disposal of blades?
Yes, experts are saying exactly what you said. there is a problem with them, a field I was never subject to as America only really recently started pumping out wind farms, and they don't make up a large part of the grid. The biggest issue people were talking about them is how many birds they killed. That said we have way bigger problems here in the US than how to dispose of blades, we barely recycle anything at all. We are told some of our waste gets recycled but many Americans are finding out its not mostly because we were told how to recycle wrong. And since the landfill people also own the recycling company they get paid either way if the majority of the recycling ends up in the landfill. In places that properly recycle, that is a real issue, here in the US we don't recycle anything for the most part thanks to plastic companies lobbying a lie to Americans that we can just recycle our waste when we rarely actually do. We have way bigger problems than recycling a part that reduces CO2 emissions.
Unfortunately it is only in Polish. But the photos are fine.

As article says such storage has 75% efficiency. It has 500MW power.
I am doubt if anything else can store such amount of power in more efficient way. You know: batteries are one of the most pollutant technology in the world.
Another alternative people aren't looking enough into is the use of bio algae to make carbon fuels by removing carbon from the air creating a clean cycle. But we have yet to figure this tech out to make it financially viable. Carbon fuel is the only viable method for aviation and will continue to be the biggest polluter. Trashing all of our cars in favor of electric ones also creates a ton of waste and pollution. This tech is the other thing we need to invest heavily into but its not as sexy and easy as wind and solar