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Why is it that the best way to shop online is:
Put thing in cart
Put in email
Close window
wait for fairly large discount email to show up

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I've been doing this wrong the whole time!
Seriously, it's frustrating that it works
I am suspicious that I have yet to see this behaviour. Could have something to do with not doing a ton of online shopping, I suppose.
You gotta be non-paranoid enough to give them your email before you buy it, and start the checkout, and then stop

This is common if you, for example, don't have a credit card, and need to generate a temporary one (or borrow one) whenever you make an online purchase.
Interesting... I will try and keep this in mind to try out sometime. Thank you!
I can report that this works sometimes. Discovered by accident.
That only works in certain cultures. In Southeast Asia, you place the item in the cart and wait for some time to see the price has gone up. Happened to me a serval times.

It seems to follow the local logic that if you cannot sell stuff, raise the prices and people will think the item has become more desirable. The mind-boggles when I see this here.

Needless to say, I'll take my custom elsewhere in a such case.