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Quick question based on general comments I've seen about Friendica over on G+. Some users are looking for a set of rules, terms of service, etc to decide whether they agree with the way a node might be run before signing up. Have you considered posting some information or a link on the main page?

Yup, I have considered it and just haven't got around to it.

I'm curious though, what are people's primary concerns?

They want to know the rules regarding what is allowed to be posted, does anything get filtered, what gets moderated, do people get suspended or even banned, and specifically privacy policies, etc. Pretty much a standard terms of service for community sites should do. I adapted an open source contributor's convenant as a code of conduct. You can see an example here

This is a copy of the general posting rules I use for communities:

This community was created as a place for progressives to participate in civil discourse about politics so we can learn together. If you would like a category added, please ask. Banned progressives welcome!

Blocking owners and moderators will not be allowed since it prevents them from moderating the community for everyone.

Otherwise rules for Civil Discourse here are quite simple:

Rule 1: Remember there is a person behind the post.
Rule 2: Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow offline. (Yes, your mother or your employer can find your posts.)
Rule 3: Share expert knowledge so we all learn.
Rule 4: Help keep flame wars under control.
Rule 5: Don't abuse your power as a moderator.
Rule 6: Be forgiving of other people's mistakes, typos, etc.
Rule 7: Be prepared to backup your assertions with verifiable sources.
Rule 8: Don't plagiarize.

As for moderation rules, I generally used the Google policy on G+ communities shown here but I will need to setup some rules of my own for community forums I run (which will be similar - I've used a 3 strike rule for many years as a professional moderator.)

OK, version 1.0 of the T&C has been posted. It shows as a link in your user drop-down menu ("Terms of Service") and is linked on the user registration page and the impressum.

Oh, and the Impressum is linked on the home page now too.
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