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Friendica Stylus Test

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Thanks! I still don't know how to work around the buggy scrolling.

On Tumblr, I had to kludge things because of javascript code which blanked pictures after you scrolled past them. Thing is - the javascript code had wrong estimates of your vertical position.

My kludge solution was to expand the height of the page to 100,000 pixels.

I can't do something quite like that, because Friendica doesn't page things the way Tumblr does. I really don't know what to do. I tweaked the left sidebar so that it's at least usable when you're scrolled all the way to the top (by making it shorter and scrollable). But this styling gets overridden by javascript code when you scroll down a bit. I don't remember if anyone asked for Multi-Column on YouMe, or if I just decided to do it for the heck of it.

Basically, someone asked on G+ what people thought of YouMe. So I decided to browse around (without signing up). And I wasn't a big fan of what I saw, but I fundamentally trust the plusser behind YouMe. I didn't know they were working on multi-column at the time (a couple days ago).

So, I was in the middle of commenting, saying that I wasn't a big fan of single column, but wait! I know how to do something about that. So I started to whip up a style so I could include it in my comment, and then I thought ...

Ugh. I only see a left sidebar, but there might be a right sidebar for actual users who have signed up.

And so I signed up to see.

And ... ugh. There's a right sidebar.

So I was annoyed, but somehow at some point James F commented that the site's UI was being extremely revamped for Frida... show more But yeah. Part of the appeal of putting out the YouMe userstyle right after the official "launch" is the humor value.

I mean, it's just funny.

The pictures are in order with the first being the instructions followed for each subsequent screenshot.

I was gonna say that looks like the greyville vid LOL but you already know that now. ;)