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Both interesting and concerning to see the advancement of technology and techniques that can provide greater accessibility yet also fake lip sync that is so difficult to detect as fake.

OMFG! That's such a good #deepfake ... i love it!

Canny AI: Imagine world leaders singing

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Also of note, this tech is becoming more and more accessible to people with less technical ability.
Exactly... abused for fun and abused for malicious reasons. What we need is someone to develop the technology to check against original videos.
That's a good idea - use machine learning against itself (or against the people misusing it).
It's not a comprehensive idea but the videos used have the same main color profile because only the lips are adjusted. A search could match to the original content. Simply cropping might thwart that though. I guess extensive watermarking signatures for peoples original content might do the trick.
BTW: Just saw this piece (surprisingly from an eBank) about the #Deepfakes problems and half-way down the article they discuss two active measures currently combatting the problems.