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I look forward to ultimately voting Republican again in the future (absolutely not this year) but first question is if you stood up to Trumpism. If the answer is no then it's going to be automatically disqualifying.
[bookmark=]This November must be a purging of more than the Republican Party. Ask every local politician who supports Trump if they still do. Screen shot their social media posts. Keep the receipts America. A day of reckoning is coming.[/bookmark]
I look forward to being able to even consider voting R. I like having a choice even if I tend to lean D. but I can not vote against my country and its founding principles. I can't.
@Richard Healy My county executive Republican candidate in 2014 was the last one I thought was worth voting for. No candidate for office I've seen since comes close. The other problem is that "standing up to Trumpism" means actually doing that. Being silent is being complicit. I'm not voting for someone who chose that route.