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I never saw a III, though I spent a lot of time on II's and IIe's.
@smellsofbikes I've only used a /// briefly in the past and when I acquired one 5-10 years ago before video fritzed out (probably need to recap it).
III's were expensive business oriented, right? I started with a II+ and followed most upgrades since. Still have a functioning IIsi and some software stored in case there is some sort of zombie apocalypse or because i hate to part with anything.
@Hank G ☑️ if I could help with that, advice or parts, I'd be glad to!
I’ll bet Bill found out the hard way and that’s why they’re divorcing. Gates takes Apple personally, especially ever since Apple v. Microsoft lawsuit over Gates’ hijacking of Windows. And after the anti-trust lawsuit against Microsoft of which Apple was beneficiary. Chipwise, Bill was all Intel and Melinda was all Motorola. :-}
HAH! I know what you mean, Bill B. I still have my Timex Sinclair 1000 with attachments.