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Do I know them?

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Being new here, I sent out some requests to Connect with like-minded people. In each case, the form asked "Do you know them?" And in every case, the reply 'Yes' was pre-selected and I couldn't change it. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
Oh, OK, thanks. I wasn't sure what to put in the comments.
On my system, I can change it by clicking on it. (Using the default Frio theme logged from It shows greyed out when No but changes to a color with a click to become Yes.
Thanks. Interesting! I'm using the same theme, but it comes up Yes by default. And clicking it doesn't seem to do anything. I might experiment with different themes when I get the time.
Have you changed any privacy settings like what users can see and do?
You mean in the Connect dialog? I'm so new here I forgot that tab exists until after I sent them.
No I was wondering about the settings you find via profile (little down arrow to the right of your profile pic in the upper right of your page). If you don't know where that is you obviously haven't changed anything there ;) What version browser are you using or are you on an app?
I went through the settings when I first signed up, a few weeks ago now. I didn't change very much at all, mainly cutting down on the emails that get sent out. I've been using Opera browser, though I have the Frendiqa Android app.
Ah, I wonder what would happen if you used Chrome or FF?
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I was wondering that myself, but didn't have time to try it. But I just tried it with Chrome and it shows 'Yes' and I can't change it.

So I tried Firefox and it's exactly the same. Only it's worse. The dropdown next to my Profile avatar doesn't even work in Firefox. I had to type in to get to the Contacts page.

Lastly, I tried MS Edge browser. And it shows the unchangeable 'Yes'. So maybe it's something to do with Windows, or my particular setup.
Perhaps. If it helps, I am on Window 10 Pro 64 bit just did the latest update but Friendica works the same as before. The browser I am using is Chrome portable at the moment. Since you said you made some settings changes a few weeks ago, maybe reset to defaults then troubleshoot from there?
Same OS here. Resetting seems like a good idea. I'll try that tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.
The two people I connected with were both on
Thanks for the suggestion; I'll do that. I'd thought it might be a local issue.
I've found that this field is editable in Chrome for Android. When I'm back at my PC later today, I'll check Chrome desktop browser.
Desktop browsers: Turns out it's not editable in Chrome or Opera, but it is editable in Edge browser and Firefox. I'll have to make time to go through my extensions in the former to see if they're what's making the difference.
Nope, it wasn't the extensions.
No, the button is still showing 'Yes' and won't change.

Part of the problem is that, with 4 different browsers on each of two different machines (PC and Android tablet) and with several themes which might be responsible, it's taking time to go through checking everything. Time which I don't have much of these days. I might end up having to live with those things I can't change (as the saying goes).
Fyi, I just verified the above support tag valid on Android browser. Many tags tested before today result in page not found....