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What's the list of principles or the platform of a Progressive today?

!Progressive Refuge As somebody who didn't care about politics more than who won the #POTUS till when Clinton was first running, and was a "dickish" republican till Bush Jr. was running, and was an apathetic unaffiliated till Obama ran, and now think I'm a #Liberal (aka: #Progressive?) #Democrat, I am wondering what it is to be a "Progressive Democrat".

I caution folks about TWT since it is pretty far left where most Americans are not.

well no @Shelenn Ayres - Americans are far more left than most know on policy


Washington Post article on the popularity of so-called 'far left' ideas Memo to Democrats: A progressive economic agenda is popular

The difference is, most Americans want someone who is pragmatic, experienced, has a solid track record, and a plan to get these things done. That puts most Americans left of center not far left. That is why Hillary got 4 million more votes than Sanders and why she got 3 million more votes than Trump. That is also why Democrats took the House back up through the middle - not from far left blue states. Focus on the common goals and representation for EVERYONE... not 12% of Sanders supporters who voted for Trump. We've moved beyond and elected women and LGBTQ candidates in record numbers and started turning red states purple. That does not happen by being purist leftist extremists. Pragmatic progressives are the majority of the Democratic voter base and the vast majority are women of color and the LGBTQ community - that Sanders does not care about with his focus on white poor only. #OnwardTogether There can be no economic justice without social justice.
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As for the list, it is reflected in the 2016 Democratic Party Platform that all Democrats are working together towards. Sanders is not a Democrat and not working towards our platform. A new platform will not be voted on until 2020 when the nominee is selected by Democrats.

But wouldn't that just be the Democrat's platform and not the goals of Progressives? Unless you are saying that a Progressive is a synonym for Democrat; a distinction without a difference.

It is a combined platform all agreed to (voted on) including progressives. Most Democrats are progressives - some are ideological while others are pragmatic.

Every four years, the party platform is built from the primary campaign platforms. In 2016, the DNC took the approach for the first time to allow voter inputs directly into the party platform so they were negotiated by the voters - three things on the platform were not included in any candidate's campaign platform: specific human rights of Native Americans, the LGBTQ community, and the working disabled. it became the most progressive platform in the history of the party (which is actually the oldest political party).

Four million more voters supported Hillary Clinton's platform and plans in the primaries. Line for line (I charted this at the start of the primaries before I chose my candidate.), Bernie's ideas and Hillary's ideas were 95% the same. Both are progressive but their approaches slightly differ. His was all ideas and hers had actually how to get there plans with a proven track record. That's why she won.... show more
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