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Want to have some fun and escape the offline world for a while? Role play in social virtual worlds bridges gaming aspects and social aspects in a way that can be both fun and educational! But I find the more important yield is, like social media, the possibility to develop lifelong friendships both online and offline. One need not always be in character but there are some "characters" we grow to love ;)


One popular role play is Star Trek themed - no this is not a video game or app. You create a free account for your avatar, download the free client software, then login with your account to customize your avatar. It's not that much different than using social media - it just happens to use a 3D environment!

If Star Trek or SciFi is your thing, I encourage you to check this out on "3rd Rock Grid" (a social virtual world server hosted with open source software called Open Simul... show more
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That reminds me of the Star Trek MUSH I used to play when I was in college!

RP in Virtual Worlds has been around a long time! But it is far easier to engage in now than it was back then. While this group began in proprietary Second Life, it moved to the Open Simulator HyperGrid in 2011 which is a decentralized open source platform.

Interesting, I will check it out, thanks.

It's all so appealing -- if only there was more time in the day (or virtual worlds ran on Narnia time). I get way too little sleep as it is...

LOL They only RP a couple of hours on Sunday I believe.

They also have out of character social events weekly on Tuesday noon pacific time (Starfleet Boogie to 80's hits) as well as holiday social events.

Have been there several times, but never to the boogie. I used it as a venue in a webcomic.

Eine wunderbare Idee, liebe @Shelenn Ayres !!
Ich wünsche, ich hätte mehr Zeit für alle interessanten Dinge...
Einen fantastischen REst der Woche, für dich, mein Freund!!
Ah!, ... und Dank auch diesmal wieder, für die wunderbare Musik!!! Herzliche Grüße : ))

I was just over at Fred's Outwoldz Trek build and am highly impressed with the detail I found there. It almost looks like he built the Enterprise 1:1 scale!


looks awesome

Can be got to via Alpha Centauri Trek.