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!iSurf Support I'm getting a lot of friend request spam and there is nudity that should be blocked in community section.

Hey Joseph,
Please provide the details so we can look in to it.


Further to that - I specifically mean the spam, especially if it's the spammy contact requests.

The community feed cleanup I'm looking in to. Thanks!

Last update for the moment - silenced as many inappropriate accounts on the global community stream as I could see today. If you see any accounts showing up there with inappropriate content, please send me a list so I can check 'em out.

Silencing them is something I am able to do on the back end, and it has no effect on anyone following those accounts. Just removes them from the global community stream.

Edit: And thanks for pointing out these items, too. I'm definitely interested in helping keep the spam noise down or gone, and keeping inappropriate content off the global community stream.

Did further cleanup tonight, including blocking a couple of garbage nodes.

Can you provide details on exactly what you're seeing?

@Adam Clark

I don't believe is related with your server. It is just that I am receiving a lot of invitations from the same people to sign-up to a social network related with sex and dating.

But I already started to ignore and block these people...

It'll be really helpful if those accounts could be noted & sent my way, as it will help me determine if we have problematic nodes that I should consider dealing with.

For example, this past weekend there was a bit of a discussion among Friendica Admins about the "" node being blocked on various people's systems as they appear to not be maintaining their system and allowing all sorts of bot/spam traffic originate from it. Users on various systems have been complaining about them in particular.

So, I'm totally interested in any spam/bot account that tries to connect up - I see them myself, but if I don't hear from users with the details, it makes my decision about whether or not I can or should even begin to consider taking action against another system less informed.


@Adam Clark Actually that spam was from "", however I haven't though that you could be interested in those kind of feedback, next time I'll keep you posted!


Thanks very much, will be appreciated in the future, and I am getting more tempted to block pawoo. We'll see how things go.