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Goodbye, OpenSUSE, hello again Debian

For the past few years, after getting away from Gentoo on nearly all systems in my house, I settled on OpenSUSE on my primary workstation, partially due to my being familiar with it once prior, and also it appeared that the project had continued heading in a pretty good direction.

After not too long, however, and I think it was the upgrade from the first Leap 42.X to the second, things started to break on the desktop, which I was surprised and a little disheartened with. I don't have the time for narrowing down bugs on my desktop that I used to have.

I put up with it for a couple of years, wound up on the 15.X Leap series, wound up using their separate KDE repository, etc, and things never went back to just normal stability, something was always broken, some revisions of this or that were more or less broken than the last.

I gave up last week, after having several stellar years of Debian on laptops (never mind the server reliability), I decided I'd put it back on the desktop as well.

Sure feels a lot snappier than OpenSUSE did, too, but it's early days.

I concur, had a problem with Debian on my RPS, switched to Devuan and problem gone.

You know, I had thought about that not too long ago and completely forgot....

The only problem is, I feel like I *must* continue to get familiar with systemd, much as I dislike it.

I see. You made a good choice with Debian though.