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Epstein committed suicide.
Why was he ALLOWED to commit suicide?
Arguing someone snuck in, murdered him, then there was a cover up requires an event chain substabtially more complicated than "Old white privileged pedophile is about to spend the rest of his life being raped by big men who don't like pedophiles chickens out of terror and kills himself, because someone rearranged guard rotation to make sure no one stopped him."
This isn't fucking rocket science, it's basic thinking most children can perform.
Well, @Icarus Anne Riley, we've seen over and over since 2016's election that the entire GOP, combined, can't think as well as most children. So their reliance on conspiracy theories isn't much of a surprise. :-(
@Rob Anybody
You are so much more eloquent* than your nom du guerre would imply :)

(* I thought about including "insightful," but that may not be fair to source, rather than a slight to you :) )
Eloquent? Me? LOL, I believe that's the first time anyone has accused me of such behavior. :-)
@Icarus Anne Riley There you go using logic and reason. You know that those are tools of the devil, right? You'll have trumpanistas complaining you fly around on a broom. And also, certain that you possess a cat.

Note to conservatives: Some of this comment consists of what is known as "sarcasm". Try not to have a cow over it.
@Rob Anybody bah. Everyone needs a broomstick, although men tell me it can be a "bit hard on the boys."
@Icarus Anne Riley Many ++++ for the DIscworld reference. :-) I'm quite convinced that Conservaturds' tendencies to call things "witch hunts" betrays their hope that dunkings and burnings can follow. Also that they're trying to convince people that they don't ever use the variation starting with a "b".

In any event, I expect that it's mostly jealousy that leads anyone to claim it's a "bit hard on the boys". Especially being that so many of the Right lately clearly have no "boys" at all, except when dealing with those much weaker than they.