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File this in the "no duh" department. They have been dispensing dubious advice literally since they began. Why people still listen to them I don't know. They'll probably be listened to even more now but in a perfect world they'd ride into obscurity.

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@neqone I will say one thing in their defense, I just got the Dr Oz bed and it’s great lol!
@neqone Oh welcome to a 🐇 hole lol
@dominucco Casper meets Craftmatic with some extra accessories? That's cool it's working for you!
@neqone Yeah, it’s pretty good and the Casper comparison is on point for sure
wait, Dr Phil is how I make all my important medical decisions, he and Oprah are my medical and spiritual team
The world has become too complicated for most people, so they rely on proxy opinions by people they like. Popularity is influence, which sucks for scientists who make careful, tentative statements based on their actual knowledge of the situation.