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Let it rip, uncle joe..
i dunno .. i think its pretty middle of the road... many modern countries offer free higher education to their people. There's no reason why US wouldn't or couldn't, they are one of the richest countries in the world, and democractic, it would hit dead center with all "american" ideals, and precedent.......

pretty centrist to me.

just speaks to how "right" we've moven, to see "centrist" as "left"....
Free higher education is centrist, but debt forgiveness is more leftist. But you are right that it shows how right we've moved.
well.. is he only considering it as an economic stimulus for the covid recession? that would be not very leftist ? hehehe
He probably won't do it.
Fuck, if he cancels any, it would be a huge boost to the economy, as the vast majority of those people would immediately start spending that money on something else - like food, rent, travel, consumer goods, etc.

I know canceling "only" $10,000 of student loan debt would shave about $270 off our household budget expenses, giving us $270 per month to spend on fueling the engine of the American economy.
I heard talk of how it would be an important stimilus, that's why I wondered.

a one time cancellation doesn't seem too leftist. almost seems like "cutting back taxes selectively to stimulate economy"

almost a right wing move ?

college grads are priviliged... it only benefits those who are priviliged.
"Yeah, but you are already fueling it by working so hard to pay it back. Your promise to work off your debts creates dollars"

only if jobs are available though ? with covid unemployment skyrocketed
Yeah, but you are already fueling it by working so hard to pay it back. Your promise to work off your debts creates dollars. Capital depends on people being in debt. That is why I consider it leftist to cancel it.
Economics is often paradoxical.
True. If people can't pay their debts for lack of work, some form of government intervention may become the only way to prevent financial collapse. But even there, they have a choice of whether to bail out the debtors or the creditors.
I suspect Biden will go half-way or less, reducing debt or offering financial assistance, without cancelling all of it.
that would be interesting
and isn't it a backhanded charity, since the money goes straight back into government coffers, as the government is the lender?
The deeper I try to get into this, the more of a brain-twister it becomes. Paradoxes everywhere.
The article says Biden is limited by Presidential authority. He can't wipe out all student loan debt, but can wipe out some. Some beats the Hell out of none.